Friday, December 28, 2012

Thin Brows? Try The Newest Eyebrow Transplant In 2013

Maybe Santa didn't deliver your Christmas wish for thicker brows like Kim Kardashian's. But don't worry. There is hope for a natural, fuller set in 2013, and one doctor is leading the way!

Dr. Sanusi Umar is one of the few experts around the globe who have perfected eyebrow transplantation. In his practice, Dr. Umar takes slow-growing hair from either the legs, arms or nape of the neck and painstakingly transplants each hair follicle, one at a time, to restore the natural brow shape.

It's an amazing, meticulous procedure with incredible, permanent results! Your brows will grow in fuller and longer, and you will be able to use a scissors to trim them regularly,  too.
DermHair Clinic is the only location based in L.A. that performs the state-of-the-art eyebrow transplant.  The procedure isn't cheap It can cost several thousand dollars, but then's a great permanent solution.

Brows frame the eyes. And the more natural they appear, the better.

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