Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oops! Don't Get Too Excited. Kim K Wearing A Faux Set

Kim Kardashian gets bangs and it's practically front page news. We have bangs, and no one cares....LOL.

Well, the most watched and followed reality star on the planet was strolling through LAX yesterday, and the paps went crazy trailing the petite beauty as she showed off a set of brand new bangs. We thought the fringe was real, but alas.... they were merely a thing of the moment, said KK in her blog:

"I saw a few of you tweeting me about my bangs!! The bangs are fake! Just clip ons! I had a fun Cosmo cover shoot yesterday and Chris McMillan clipped these on!"

We have to admit---the fringe really looks natural. If you've ever had bangs and then tired of them within 48 hours or so, clip-ons are the way to go, because the style is only temporary, and if the look just isn't for you, you can simply remove the faux fringe and not have to worry about the long, boring growing-out phase.

We found some clip-on bangs at on SALE for $32.99.

Have you ever worn clip-in bangs, and do you think it's a smart beauty buy?

As far as Kim's lighter hair color.... Do you like this look, or prefer the almost black tresses she was famous for?

How about Kim K in bangs? Good look or take them out, please!?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kim looks better with NO BANGS.
She sorta looks strung out here.LOL