Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How To Look Young Like Bev Housewives Star Lisa Vanderpump

We LOVE when good-looking celebrities give out real beauty tips, or at least the appearance of their age-defying secrets. Take Lisa Vanderpump the 52-year-old star of Bravo's 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In our humble estimation, the lovely restaurateur who adores the color pink, actually looks great at 52. She does not appear to be plastic surgery pulled back or too cuckoo on cosmetic injectables. Sure, she's doing 'something' to stay young and pretty. And the mama to itty-bitty dog Jiggy is dishing how she keeps it together.
This is what she recently spilled to StyleGoesStrong:

"I'm very honest. I always say that I'll tell you the truth about this topic," Lisa explains. "The truth is I haven't done anything major.

"I do a bit of Botox and filler. I use the retinol acid to keep the skin exfoliating,"
she says.

"Otherwise, I'm pretty low maintenance," she says.

In addition, the British beauty claims she styles her own hair on the set of the housewives show.

As far as that signature pretty pink pout goes, here are Lias Vanderpump's tips for looking gorg at 50-something:

"I think the Chanel lip glosses are amazing. You really do get what you pay for," Lisa says.

"I do a mix of Chanel glosses to get that pink," she shares. "My number one is Chanel 11 and I mix it with a pinker one called Chanel 02. Then I use a nude lip liner."

"I mix it up a bit and use one of the glosses more than the other," she says. "I think if you go for a little something on your eyelashes and a little gloss on your mouth then you're good to go."

Thanks for revealing, Lisa Vanderpump!


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