Saturday, January 26, 2013

How Gorgeous Celebrities Stay Cellulite Free For Red Carpet Nights

We've done a ton of articles here about cellulite. And although we've learned that you can't blast away the dimpled fat CAN lessen cellulite's appearance and prevent further advancement of this common skin condition for girls only.

We love to hear about effective products that can diminish the appearance of cellulite, or at least make it disappear for a few hours.

Take a look below. This cellulite buster is adored by red carpet beauties such as Rihanna, Gwyneth, and Cate:

Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion ($30.95, at

So....why is this cellulite product better than most?

It tightens, firms and lets you GLOW all over your body.
And it comes in 5 sheer shades that can make each skin tone look downright prtty, so to speak.

Plain. Light. Medium. Dark. Deep Dark.

Just massage Prtty Peashun Skin Tight Body Lotion where you want to radiate and show off smooth, firm tone.

Check out this video with Gina Pell, Joyus host. She makes us want to buy a vat of this cellulite-busting body lotion.

Gina says the Prtty Peashun"almost feels like liquid latex."

Oh, wow. We want some!

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