Friday, January 18, 2013

Will You Opt For Bangs Like FLOTUS In 2013?

We give First Lady Michelle Obama high praise for her banging new bangs!
FLOTUS has just celebrated her 49th birthday, and decided to choose a bob with bangs.
Everything she wears and does is copied by women all around the globe, so we will be curious as to how many Michelle fans opt for some pretty fringe in the coming days.
It takes guts to get bangs, because once they are cut---they're out there, and seem to take forever to grow back. That's why a lot of clever ladies select clip-in bangs, so if they don't like them, all they do is remove them in mere seconds. Kim Kardashian is famous for the 'Now you see them, now you don't bangs.'. Those are clip-ins, obviously. But this time, Kim K has gone and cut in REAL bangs.
The elegant First Lady has always been courageous try out a number of new dos. And with killer cheeks like hers, she can get away with a lot of different styles. Take a look:
Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan had a little fun this morning, trying on their own set of Michelle Obama bangs.

Bangs do GREAT beauty things for everyone:
1. Bangs allow you to look younger.
2. Bangs hide a high forehead.
3. Bangs take away forehead wrinkle lines when you're wearing them.
4. Bangs bring all the attention on your eyes and the contours of your cheeks.
5. Bangs help disguise too thin brows, giving you the illusion of natural, fuller brows.

Bangs are cool!

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