Monday, January 28, 2013

January Jones Admits That Staying Blonde Has Taken Its Beauty Toll

"I have been every color and now my hair is falling out in clumps," actress January Jones told British magazine Grazia Daily.

And that's why you saw a teased and sprayed up pompadour do for the Mad Men star at last night's Screen Actors Guild Awards. Nonetheless, she still looked stunning.

We have to admire the pretty actress for being so open and honest with the public. Most Hollywood celebrities would never share a big beauty problem with the world. That is usually kept hidden.

But January Jones admits it's the dyeing process that has done a number on her locks:

"I have been every color and now my hair is falling out in clumps," she admitted. "I’m going to have to shave it off and wear a wig."

January says she prefers being blonde, because her little son recognizes her as 'Mommy' in that shade of color.

We've all learned how damaging dyeing, highlighting and bleaching are to our hair and its internal or cellular structure. These processes weaken the strands, causing splits, breakage and even fall-out.

The ammonia and peroxide in permanent dyes ruin the hair cuticle.

Take a look at this YouTube vid for coloring basics.

The beauty lesson we can learn from January Jones' bad hair day is this:

Coloring hair does damage.
The lighter you go, the higher the upkeep and deeper the damage.
Conditioner is key, along with frequent hair trims.

Other than that, a lot of women color their hair. Sure, we all run into hair catastrophes, but we survive.  As the L'Oreal slogan sums it up best:

"Because we're worth it."

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