Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Patent Leather And Windex Go Hand In Hand

Here's a great fashion shoe tip, because you know you need one, every now and then.

Okay, what does classic patent leather have in common with Windex Glass Cleaner Spray?

Hmmm. Everyone has a bottle of clear blue Windex at home, even if you hate doing windows.
Windex knows how to deliver a gorgeous shiny reflection, and that's exactly what patent leather shoes and accessories are famous for.
So, when your pretty patents need some tender loving care, reach for the bottle of Windex, spritz some on, and wipe off.
Windex glass cleaner is super safe on patent leather. It won't streak, and WILL bring back that glorious glossy finish!
How's that for a cheap fashion shoe tip!
By the way, these adorable patent pumps come courtesy of Forever 21:

Pointed Patent Pumps ($24.80).
Perforated Floral Patent Pumps ($29.80).

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