Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Daily Exfoliation: Key During Long, Cold, Dry Winter Days

We know women who don't bother exfoliating. They simply wash their face with a mild cleanser, and that's that. But getting rid of dead skin cells is essential if you want smooth, healthy, young-looking skin.

It shouldn't hurt to be pretty, but sometimes it does. In other words, you have to get in there and use a little elbow grease,  as the saying goes.

That's why buying a facial cleansing sponge can make a difference in your complexion, especially during those cold, dry winter days.

We've all heard of the Buf Puf. We've been using one for years, and we LOVE it. The first time you use one, you would know. It leaves the face and neck feeling smooth, clean and tingly. If you overdo the mild scrubbing, well, you will feel that, too. Your skin can become irritated and raw. So, slow + steady wins the race.

By the way, you don't have to use only the classic BufPuf. We found some cheap + effective substitutes from Walgreens. 2 for $4.49.

Daily exfoliation will deliver excellent results. No, it won't result in a facelift, but a little scrubbing will take away the dull, pale complexion and give you back healthy, glowing skin with a softer, smoother texture.

When you scrub away the dead skin layers, your dermis can breathe better, sebum + grime get released from clogged pores, and your skin receives improved hydration.

Winter does a number on our complexions both inside + outside. Dry, stuffy, cold air, and hot air with radiators and the like, leave the skin thirsting for moisture.

A bit of buffing + puffing can only serve you well.


Anonymous said...

I'm a dude and i shave daily.Isn't that exfoliation?

J. Tania Stylianos said...

Yes, when men shave, it is a form of exfoliation, but you should also use a facial cleansing sponge and even a cleaner with AHAs to further wash away the dead, clogging, dulling skin cells.
Hope that helps explain the matter.