Friday, February 22, 2013

New Mama Amber Rose's Makeup + Skin Care Secrets

Okay, we know that some people don't like Amber Rose. There are some who figure she is only famous for doing nothing, or got her recognition only as  a piece of arm candy for Kanye West a few years ago.

Well, we like her. Congratulations to her and Wiz Khalifa on the birth of their baby boy, Sebastian!

Amber, at age 30, looks very happy with Wiz, and actually 'wore' her pregnancy well. She looks at peace to us.

Many blessings their way.

Meantime.....Amber is gorgeous with that platinum buzz cut---before, during + after baby.  Her skin is flawless and makeup always appears to be beautifully applied.

So, what are Amber Rose's beauty + skin care secrets?
Not easy to track down. But we did find some great beauty nuggets from the archives of Elle magazine, and here Amber does a little dishing in a 2009 interview:
You must be doing something, though. When I saw you at the Women in Hollywood Awards last month, your skin glowed like nothing else. What products do you use?
Thank you so much! I've always been good about moisturizing. Every morning and every night, everyday. What I do, and this sounds kind of weird, but I buy these pint-size containers of raw African shea butter from street vendors, I microwave it, and after I shower, I rub it everywhere. Even on my scalp and face. Nothing works better. And it's cheap!
What about your skincare regimen? What cleanser do you use?
Just Dove soap. I've never really tried anything else. I've always felt that when you use too many products or try too many new things, you're just piling a lot of unnatural, unnecessary stress on your face. I try to keep it simple.
As far as her makeup goes, Amber appears to prefer a light, penciled in brow, spikey faux lashes and  high-end foundation.' Read on:
My one regular splurge is YSL [Teint Resist] foundation. I love it, because it goes on so smooth and light, but still covers up everything I need it to cover up. I also love M.A.C Lip Glass in `Pink Lemonade', but my favorite lipstick is from Mona Lisa [shade `Hot Pink #14']. It's only $1.99!
Not even any retinoids or alpha hydroxy acids to re-build skin?
We are envious!
 Amber's complexion rocks!!


Anonymous said...

Amber Rose IS stunning.I never really noticed her perfect skin untl now.I use Dove soap but my complexion doesn;t look as good as hers.

Anonymous said...

She HOT!

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