Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow Boasts Butt Of 22-Year-Old Stripper: But Look At Maria Menounos!

Gwyneth Paltrow is 40-years-old. Maria Menounos is 34-years-old. Both popular celebrities are in GREAT shape.

Gwyneth has a sexy body after delivering 2 kids. Maria has a sexy body without kids. Is it harder to bounce back after bearing babies? Obviously, yes. Plus, Gwyneth is 6 years older than Maria, so Gwyneth gets a few points extra, we think.

Gwyneth recently boasted about her own behind and the rigorous work-out sessions she goes through with fitness expert Tracy Anderson.

Gwyneth supposedly bragged that she has the 'butt of a 22-year-old stripper,' thanks to her grueling exercise regime.

Yes, Gwyneth, you DO have a nice behind. But we have to admit, Extra host Maria Menounos has an AMAZING butt.  See for yourself in the 2 photos below:
So, how do these fab women maintain their slender figures along with exercise?
Maria has this advice:

"I eat what I want, when I want and am super active throughout my workday."

She added: "Write down everything you eat in a week, look at it, cut back where you can, and I promise you'll see results within a week.

"The first couple days will be hard, but then it gets easy and you'll get a high off of it, which will make you work that much harder."

Nutrition plays a key role in body beautiful for Gwyneth. She's out with yet another healthy-eating cookbook called, 'It's All Good.' Check it out here at Gwyneth's website Goop($55).


Anonymous said...

I think Maria Menuonos has a way BETTER butt. Gweneth Paltrow is so into herself..LOL Too skinny!!

Anonymous said...

Maria has junk-in-the-trunk...ROFLMFAO

Anonymous said...

I'm a black chick and trust me that isn't even a butt Gwyneth Paltrow is displaying. LOL!!