Friday, March 21, 2014

British Study Says Men Don't Really Like Women In Lots Of Makeup

Well, it's just one study, and it was conducted across the pond over in the UK.

And the results are rather interesting. Here's the big reveal with 3 key points:

1. The study found that men prefer women when they wear less make-up.

  • 2. In many cases, men preferred the opposite sex to wear 40% fewer cosmetic products.
  • 3. It also found women think fellow females look better in natural make-up.

Oh, really? We're not sure about that.

According to the British publication, Daily Mail, the results speak for themselves.

"The take home message from this study is that our ideas about what the opposite sex find attractive are often inaccurate, whether it relates to body size, weight, or even something like make-up use," continued Dr Alex Jones, a psychologist involved in the study.

"The misconceptions play a role in body image and self esteem issues and are sadly based on simple misunderstandings."

The study conducted at Bangor University will be published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. gentlemen + most ladies, too, here are a bunch of celebs who got snapped WITHOUT makeup on.

If you all think this is really attractive, then well, we will just say nothing more. We think everyone looks even lovelier with mascara, blush, gloss, etc.