Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Margot Robbie Goes Raven-Haired But Not Every Woman Can Be Brunette

Stunning blonde, no doubt!!

We've heard the beauty saying quite often---NOT every woman can be blonde. So true.

But, what we might add: Not every woman can be brunette.

And the proof is right here. Gorgeous actress Margot Robbie, fresh from her sexy role in the Wolf of Wall Street has switched it up in the hair color department for a new movie role.

We didn't know who the heck that was on the Oscars 2014 red carpet Sunday evening.

But there is 23-year-old Margot, the Aussie star with deep brunette, almost black locks.

Wow! Margot is a beauty chameleon.

As great-looking as she is, we much prefer the actress as a blonde.

We do not think the brunette hair color is doing her any favors. A bit too goth?

We believe the dark, bold brows might be the beauty no-no in this case. Too harsh, even though Margot has strong bone structure.

Now, here's a better pic of the star, post-Academy Awards in the airport, freshly scrubbed with a more natural look.

The magic of Hollywood!

We would NEVER guess that all 3 photos were of the same woman. Incredible!

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