Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Plastic Surgeons Claim Patients Seeking Prettier Features Because Of Selfie Obsession

Have you ever taken a selfie?

We bet you have. Even our dorky self has snapped several photos looking for the BEST selfie to display. And the numbers show that nearly half (50%) of all U.S. adults have taken a selfie.

Plastic surgeons have been claiming recently, that photo-sharing has been boosting their business, because some individuals are not pleased looking at their selfies, which they often share on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and so forth.

Younger people certainly snap more selfies, and some of them are very critical about how they appear in photos, and yes, seek out plastic surgeons to get a smaller nose, higher brows, etc.

 It sounds crazy, but it isn't.

"Good Morning America's" Robin Roberts spoke about the topic today and admitted not always being too happy about her own selfies. Robin said that didn't mean she would resort to cosmetic enhancement, but that scrutinizing her own features was a very real reaction.

We agree with Robin Roberts. Photo-taking technology seems these days to be so crisp + microscopically accurate, that EVERY facial nook + cranny is exposed.

We are a lousy photographer, and yet, we are quite artistic, so trying to capture a decent selfie can be frustrating. But here is ours a few minutes ago. This was after 4 takes. The lighting is a bit bright, but this was the best selfie we could do.
Kim Kardashian is the QUEEN of the selfie hands down. This star NEVER seems to take a bad one, but the question might be: How many selfies did Kim take for this one photo, for example.
She also appears to have professionally applied makeup in many of her selfies.

 Plus, the famous reality star has been accused of photo-shopping her indoor body selfies.

 We're not sure about that. But Kim K seems to document her life in a series of daily selfies.

 Here are Kim Kardashian's Rules for Taking the Perfect Selfies:

  "You always need [your phone] to be a little bit higher than lower ... and know your angle," Kim explains in the video. "Know the lighting," friend Brittny adds. "And know duck face," Kardashian insists, "I love that because it gives you cheekbones."

 Check out Kim here on YouTube.

 So, are we all a bunch of narcissists?! Ah, yes....and no.

People just want to look their best. And selfies help shape one's identity, according to a few experts.


Anonymous said...

Good post but why o why did you have to put up the big a** photo of Kim at the end! Can;t stand to see that anymore!

bethk said...

HATE taking selfies now because I never noticed my double chin until doing those damn photos.

autumn20 said...

I like your selfie, JTania.

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