Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Topical Gel For Rosacea Sufferers: Mirvaso Removes The Red!

We LOVE when beauty science keeps advancing. And today, we are talking to the 16 million Americans who have this annoying but common skin condition known as Rosacea.

There is HELP on the way with a new FDA-approved topical gel called Mirvaso.

As the Mirvaso website states....:From RED to READY in about 30 minutes! And the topical treatment lasts up to 12 hours.

Mirvaso reports the toning down of redness by 2 grades. That's pretty amazing for those of you constantly bothered by persistent redness, especially during the cruel winter season.

This is a prescription formula, so a visit to the dermatologist is the way to proceed. We can tell you, however, that you MUST be 18 years or older to qualify for treatment with Mirvaso, otherwise known as Brimonidine.

The topical gel is applied in a pea-sized amount, once daily to each of the 5 regions of the face: forehead, chin, nose + each cheek.

How does Mirvaso deliver?

It works by constricting otherwise dilated blood vessels, thereby cutting down on the appearance of redness.

There are famous faces with Rosacea including the late Princess Diana, Cameron Diaz, Mariah Carey + Rene Zellweger.

 Check out the Mirvaso website for the impressive results of RED to READY!