Friday, March 7, 2014

Playful Purple Hair Catches On....Nicole Richie + Ireland Baldwin Dye For The Trend

We were hoping this purple hair trend would quietly exit stage left with the originator herself, Kelley Osbourne, but apparently the lilac lushness is heating up in 2014!

Now add Nicole Richie and Ireland Baldwin to the playful purple hair list.

We LOVE Nicole's style, but this has disappointed us in a major way, because of her status as a fashion icon.

Yeah...lilac locks are cute and cool for a couple of weeks. Then it's time to move on.....If you're really young, then let it fly, baby!

Well, lovely ladies. Let the FADE begin, because that's what happens to colored hair, and when it comes to a purple(lilac) shade, we can imagine how fast the fading can be.

Maybe that's why we see Nicole out + about wearing a little cover-up over her playful, purple hair. Or maybe that is all hair? Not sure. The sunlight is playing tricks on our eyes. Sun + purple hair = fading, either way.

Can you say, deep conditioning?

The Andy LeCompte salon stylist who created Nicole's intense, wild purple shade a couple of days ago used this stuff to keep every strand super-healthy:

Pravana NEVO 60 Deep Treatment 9.87 oz. ($15.29).

Kelley must be fuming...As E! fashion police host Joan Rivers would say:

"Bitch stole my look!"


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Anonymous said...

fugly on all 3!