Monday, March 10, 2014

Cosmetic Beauty Advances In 2014: There's A New Filler In Town Called Voluma!

It seems like celebrities are "filling up" so to speak, when it comes to cosmetic facial fillers. Some famous faces have been accused of filling up TOO much---like Madonna, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, and so on.

We have no proof that the 3 ladies mentioned here, have ever used cosmetic fillers. But these celebs have been mentioned lots of times as having looked like their faces have been filled.

Since we are now in the new year, it's always interesting to see what cosmetic beauty advances have arrived. And in 2014, say welcome to Voluma!

It's made by the Juvederm company(Allergan) and it's a LONGER-lasting hyaluronic acid filler. Voluma is a newly FDA approved dermal filler. That means those beautiful, fuller, sculpted cheekbones remain that way for about 2 years!

NYC's Dr. Bruce Katz, Director of the Juva Skin & Laser Center has been injecting patients with Voluma for several months now. The cost is about $1,200 per syringe, but that's not bad, considering that regular fillers like Juvederm already cost about $900, and only last up to 4-6 months.

33-year-old Kim Kardashian is not a patient of Dr. Katz', but he did say this about TV's most famous reality star to hollywoodlife:

"Kim may be using the new filler Voluma. It’s the first filler for the mid-face area to fill in the cheeks. It lasts about 2 years, longer than any other filler. It gives lift in the cheeks for volume like Kim has. As people age, their cheeks collapse and they loose volume. The injection is done on the bone but the patient feels very little pain. It only takes about 15 minutes."

Kim Kardashian certainly has killer cheekbones. And we don't care where or how they came about, those cheekbones are stunning.

To learn more about Voluma, click here.

To watch a patient's face being transformed by Voluma injections, watch this YouTube with Dr. Anil Rajani.


Anonymous said...

freakin amazin!!gonna save my $$!

maria, BRONX, U.S.A. said...

I wish I didn't watch the Yout Tube demo. It's gross to see someone being injected. It must hurt like hell!! how does Kimmy sit there and get all those injections?

Anonymous said...

GREAT post! I might need some soon. Just turned 44(sigh)

jan556 said...

Cher's cheekbones were even greater back in the 70s--LOL. Then she messed it all up like Kim with way too much plastic surgery.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Kim's cheeks are terrible. Google for best cheekbones and you'll see beautiful ones like the way Kate Moss used to look:

Kim's just look like messed up chipmunk cheeks.

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