Friday, March 14, 2014

Can You Rock This Look For Spring 2014? Sleek Brushed Back Hair

This is NOT a hairstyle that looks great on EVERY gal. It's simple to create, but rockin' it right is another thing.

Wearing your hair brushed back away from the forehead + over the crown is a polished, regal-looking do. And if you wet the locks also like we've been seeing on the Gucci + Dior runways......It looks both edgy + modern.

There are celebrities who CAN rock this hairstyle. Kim Kardashian has been hitting the red carpet with this style long before many others. And with the reality TV star's amazing bone structure, she looks gorgeous:

And we spotted more glamorous ladies going for the brush-back! Emma Watson + Emmy Rossum hit the red carpet looking tres chic.

Just slick on a good gel at the crown and you're good to go!!

We like the Pantene VOLUME ROOT LIFTING SPRAY GEL ($5.99)


Anonymous said...

LUV it but Emmy Rossum cannot wear it..too weird a forehead.

me-shoe-goddess said...

very nice.

bethk said...

Emma looks gorgeous! That tempts me to do this with my hair.

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