Sunday, September 13, 2015

Back To Fall: Time To Repair Skin With At-Home Peel

It's been a very hot summer for most of us, and maybe you played in the SUN for hours + hours

It's possible you forgot to pack your skin care products while on vacation. Or maybe you even forgot to wear your shades a few times.

You can't beat summer fun, BUT the damage done to the complexion can be significant. That's why when autumn rolls around, lots of people head back to their dermatologist for some care + repair.

You could also baby your skin with a great at-home peel. What this does is EXFOLIATE----super cleanses pores, wipes away the grime + dead skin cells, and makes your complexion smooth + brighter---more even-toned.

When most women hear the words, chemical peel, they want to RUN + HIDE, because they fear BURNING their face + neck.

But with an at-home peel using pads, you WON'T harm your skin.

We like these by Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Original Formula ($16, at Sephora).

A GOOD beauty budget buy!

This is a monthly supply of pre-soaked cotton pads or towelettes.   A 2-step treatment with Glycolic + Mandelic acids..

So simple! So effective!

Use once daily in the morning or evening. 
-Apply Step 1 to clean, dry skin in circular motions from forehead to neck. 
-Continue until pad feels dry. 
-Wait two minutes.
-Apply Step 2 using same technique as Step 1.
-Do not rinse or use products containing alcohol after either step.
-To further enhance results, apply Hydra-Pure™ Serum of your choice prior to moisturizer.

Peels make a difference!

These are super safe..

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