Friday, September 25, 2015

Taylor Swift Loves Cats And Obviously Makeup Trend Cat Eye!

Meow, Taylor Swift!

Must be really nice having a professional makeup artist at your whim to create gorgeous looks whenever the need arises.

Here's the glam superstar earlier this week, nailing a flawless cat eye in midnight blue liner, a makeup trend we've been noticing. Of course, you could still choose black liner and achieve the same sexy feline effect.

We all know that Taylor LOVEs her kitties, and she owns 2, Olivia Benson + Meredith Grey.

Gotta LOVE the winged cat eye effect. Not the easiest eye makeup to get right or to perfectly match the other, but still one of the sexiest and most elegant techniques to master.

Most of us do not have a pro doing our cosmetics, but there are plenty of liners out there to create the look.
Check out elf. We like the e.l.f. Studio Eye Liner in Midnight (Navy) for just 3 bucks!

So pretty + polished.

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Swiftie Guest said...

Thankyou!LUV Taylor Swift and her makeup always perfect! Cant wait to buy midnight eyeliner.