Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Blue-Based Lipstick VS Orange-Based Lipstick: Is One Only Better For Whiter-Looking Teeth?

We have light olive skin; we are of Greek heritage.

We also have darkest brown hair + eyes, and we believe COOL makeup shades look BEST with our skin tone.

Therefore, we are ALWAYS wondering about the beauty myth:

Do blue-based lipsticks allow teeth to look whiter, opposed to orange-based lipsticks which allow teeth to look yellower?


Well, we think the myth is pretty much a fact. At least for us.

We LOVE pink lipsticks that have a cool blue base to them. We just know they appear BETTER on us.

We like coral shades that feature an orange-y base, but our lips really take on a yellowish tint. NO good for anyone's smile.

Here are 2 photos of actress Jessica Alba, wearing a blue-based pink lipstick and an orange-based lipstick.

Does one lippie allow her teeth to look whiter?

Call us loopy but we think the blue-based PINK lipstick DOES make Jessica's beautiful white teeth look even whiter

Just our humble opinion.

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