Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bobbi Brown' s Beauty Tips For Perfect 'Mascared' Lashes

If you LOVE wearing makeup, then you know how KEY mascara is.

You NEED to put it on. And the blackest black mascara is the BEST, says makeup legend Bobbi Brown.

We like seeing Bobbi Brown on GMA for Yahoo Beauty, and this morning she was talking mascara and how it lets eyes POP, especially helping our eyes as we get older, because lashes start to THIN OUT.

First, CURL your lashes.

And Bobbi says it's OKAY to MIX mascara formulas and to layer them up to 4 coats!

What we found interesting, was that Bobbi says ONLY to apply mascara under the UPPER lashes---not on top of the upper lashes.


We see other makeup artists apply mascara to the tops of the upper lashes.


To see the entire quick mascara demo, click here.

Great beauty tips, Bobbi Brown!

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