Monday, September 28, 2015

Copying Celeb Style With Cheaper Dupe: Is It Worth The Chance?


Oh, yes....the duplicate, and when it comes to FAB style, well, some of us are looking for the cheaper alternative.


Well, maybe we aren't in the market for a glamorous $300 pair of celebrity sunglasses, like the fashion queen herself, Kim Kardashian West.

So, if we can hunt down a more inexpensive version that LOOKS  pretty similar, then we've scored a great buy!

Here's Kim K looking very pregnant and sexy, wearing her FAVE shades. We always seem to see the most famous reality star on the planet wearing these over-sized Celine flat top black sunglasses.

The genuine pair is the Celine ZZ-Top.

The real Celine shades like Kim K is wearing can be found here on SALE for $277. can take a chance on buying the DUPE, which will cost you peanuts.

We found a decent pair of faux Celine ZZ-Top sunglasses for $29.99 at Amazon. Plus FREE shipping!
There is even a CHEAPER DUPE for $20 on Amazon, along with a bunch of complaints about the super cheap material.

So...maybe the $30 pair is the way to go.

Here is an Amazon member in her DUPE pair. Sheryl looks GREAT in them.

This is very tempting. We might go for this Celine DUPE.

Would you take the chance on a DUPE?

Have you?