Friday, September 11, 2015

More And More Women Going In For The Close Facial Shave

We've talked about this briefly before: Women shaving their faces.

We found one celeb to admit to it---reality TV star Caroline Manzo. Yep...she says shaving her face gives her smooth, youthful skin.

And Caroline Manzo is NOT alone. Other chicks do facial shave---some are famous but DON'T talk about it.

But the IS talking about it, and wrote an article about the hush-hush beauty routine recently.

It was quite interesting.

The interviewed celeb facialist Kate Somerville who also admitted she shaves her face:

"I hate to say this, but personally I get hairs above my upper lip, and have forever," Ms. Somerville said, adding that waxing irritates her sensitive skin. "Initially I did it because of the hair, but then I noticed that it was a great exfoliant and that my makeup went on a lot better." do you begin?

A lot of women use a single disposable blade like Tinkle.


We found a 3-pack at Amazon for $4.89.
Good luck---You're on your own. If any ladies here do shave their faces, please comment below.