Wednesday, September 23, 2015

No-Color Brow Wax Pencil: What Is It Good For?


Hmmmm. We could talk about them all day.

Our own used to be so anemic-looking, but these days, our brows are growing in. Only thing, you need PATIENCE...and then some.

We read somewhere, that brows can take up to 64 (give or take) days to come back fully grown in. Eyelashes are quicker, taking only 4-6 weeks to come and go.

Our brows are taking a lot l-o-n-g-e-r than 64 days, but.....they ARE growing in. Get OVER age 40, and brows are even slower to re-appear. Ugh. So frustrating.

In the meantime....we can improve our brows through powders, gels, liquid tints and so forth.

Even brow pencil wax.

Yes....a wax pencil for eyebrows...A CLEAR, no color pencil.

Do you need this?

Well, a brow wax pencil keeps hairs all in place. It's a great GROOMING + TAMING beauty tool.

Here's one from SigmaBeauty ($11).

And the pencil can be used several ways, says SigmaBeauty:

"Use before adding color, either powder or pencil, or after as a finishing touch. The brow wax can also be used alone for a simple, sleek look."

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