Monday, October 6, 2008

Add FitFlax To Diet And Crunch Your Way To Skinny

Our readers sometimes drop me a personal email and beg me to find them new ways to lose weight and get on a healthy diet.

Well, here's a wonderful new diet item to add to your weight loss battle plan. It's crunchy and tastes like sesame seeds. And it's so simple to use. No pills to pop that make you shaky all over. No powder mixes that taste chalky, either.

It's called FitFlax by SmartThingz ($12.95, It's been written up in magazines like O, and weight loss experts have given it the thumbs up, too.

What we like about FitFlax---it's a food. You can eat it. And it tastes delicious. Try it on peanut butter and crackers. And it's gluten-free.

FitFlax is ready to eat and consists of whole seeds made of roasted golden flax with chia. It's got lots of good-for-you reasons to crunch and munch these seeds, according to their website:

Our proprietary blend & unique roasting process promotes weight loss, energy & wellness.

FitFlax™ delivers greater Omega-3, protein, fiber and antioxidants than conventional flax products.

No more grinding! Enjoy healthy FitFlax™ straight from the bag!

Our special roasting process enhances both the quality and the natural nutty taste of the seeds. Toss it on salad, mix it in yogurt, sprinkle it on practically anything to add taste, texture and fiber!

We also love this product for the super healthy ways it can improve your body, and we're not talking, just for losing weight. FitFlax can make sure you are functioning properly inside and out:

Lowers blood pressure + cholesterol
Increases metabolic rate
Promotes lean muscle mass
Reduces Body Fat
Promotes healthy skin
Reduces cravings for sweets + junk foods
Promotes regularity + colon health
Stabilizes blood sugar

High in soluble + insoluble fiber
Improves cardiovascular health
Reduces risk of cancer

Now, that's a pretty decent list of why you should try FitFlax, as you crunch your way to skinny.

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