Saturday, October 11, 2008

Did Angelina Jolie Tummy Tuck Or Not?!!!

We know....shame on us for looking at the tabloids and actually believing everything they say. But the rags do get some parts of a story correct. Look, both publications have noted how swiftly Hollywood's favorite glamorous mommy has bounced back from giving birth to twins, not even three months ago. See mommy's ultra flat tummy. Hmmm.

Did Angelina Jolie tummy tuck or not?(Actually called abdominoplasty in doctor talk).
Who knows. And do we care? Well, yes. There is a fascination of sorts, with celebrities who make life look so easy in the birthing department, exercise routines, and the hair, wrinkles, and makeup sessions.

Women do want to know if Angie got a tummy tuck after her c-section to deliver twins 11 months ago. Those double procedures are quite common in Hollywood these days.

Angelina and Brad swept through New York City recently, to promote Angie's new film, Changeling. Folks were in awe at how lovely the new mom appeared, according to Star magazine:

"Angelina looked drop-dead gorgeous in a tight black strapless Versace dress," says an awestruck onlooker who saw the actress attending the film's premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre with Brad on Oct. 4. "My first reaction was, 'Holy cow, how did she get so thin after having twins?'"

Sources tell Star that the 33-year-old actress fretted over the size of her stomach while she was pregnant with Knox and Vivienne. "She doesn't like to talk about it or admit it, but Angie told some friends that she had a 'mommy tuck,' " says a family insider. "She likes the way that sounds better than tummy tuck."

We are not here to state that Angelina got a tummy tuck or 'mommy tuck.' We are just here to tell our readers that celebrities always look perfect, because they have the big money and resources to maintain that Hollywood ideal. In other words, celebrities are not born perfect. They have similar problems that all of us share. Maybe those generous lips of hers are not exactly her own, either, if you believe the tabloids.

According to most plastic surgeons, a tummy tuck can be performed right after giving birth by c-section, although it's best to wait for healing to take place. Surgeons at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery in the Denver metro area in Colorado, explain what the procedure can do for a new mom:

"When there is extra skin on your tummy after pregnancy, an abdominoplasty is generally the best means of managing it. The procedure tightens the abdominal muscles and removes excess fat and skin leaving you with a flat abdomen. The c-section scar is removed during the procedure. Often, women choose to have liposuction of nearby areas such as the flanks (love handles), hips, back, or thighs at the same time to improve their overall look."


Anonymous said...

Of course she had a tummy tuck! Have you ever looked closely at the stomach of a woman who gave birth to a child the same year? Let alone one who gave birth to twins, stretching the abdominal muscles even further? *****Here is the reality: pregnancy stretches the rectus abdominus, which is a paired muscle that runs vertically from the pubic to torso region. These muscles are separated by a connective tissue (linea alba) that is stretched (sometimes split) in pregnancy. It does not return to former size, and therefore, the paired abdominal muscles are never pulled tight again. That is why all mothers have a protruding belly that won’t disappear, no matter how many crunches are piled on top the aerobic workouts! *****TUMMY TUCK, or abdominoplasty, pulls the two paired rectus abdominus muscles back together. It also removes the sagging stretched skin, pulling down skin from the torso to create a new, smooth tummy (with new doctor made belly button to replace the post-pregnancy stretched belly button). *****After birthing twins, there is absolutely NO WAY Angelina could have worn that skin tight dress UNLESS she had the abdominoplasty! Her abdominals were absolutely, totally flat … and that is humanly impossible for someone who just delivered a few months back! *****BUT GOOD FOR HER FOR DOING WHAT WAS NECESSARY TO GET HER BODY BACK! It is a shame that so many women are forced to go through life feeling lousy about themselves due to the changed body of motherhood. Tummy tucks should be part of the birthing process. GYN doctors should be trained in the plastic surgeon methods of tightening the muscles and closing the wound. Mothers should be returned to their former physical self. ***** After having two children, I returned to my exercise routine of running 5 miles a day, along with weights, pillates, crunches, etc. After ten years, I realized the ‘mommy tummy’ was never going to respond to exercise. I saved for three years money to afford the tummy tuck. WOW was I happy! I had my flat tummy back again and immediately felt like myself again! **** It is terrible that people hide this operation, equating it to vanity. It's not. Correcting the abdominal muscles not only affects a woman's sense of identity, but also her self-esteem, and her physical health. Sagging stretched abdominal muscles puts heavy strain on the back muscles, while also leaving little support for the interior organs. Woman should talk openly about it, letting other women know that this is an outcome of pregnancy. The majority of women DON'T know. They become frustrated and eventually give up on trying to look like their former selves. If they KNEW, if they were allowed the corrective surgery as part of the birthing process (once done bearing children), more women would continue lifelong exercise. I already explained to my daughter that this is something she'll need to have done someday. And I told my son to make sure he allows his wife to have this operation! ***** Unfortunately, medical treatment is still based on male definitions of ‘necessary’. If men also endured changed body figuration due to parenthood, we’d have had plastic surgeons in the birthing rooms long ago!

Anonymous said...

wonder what that big cross tattoo on her stomach looks like now???

Anonymous said...

I had a baby about half a year ago, and my tummy is flatter now than pre-baby bump. It's flat with only nursing and nutrition. So, I don't know what you're talking about. It has everything to do with eating clean throughout your pregnancy and post. What helped me the most was nursing and wrapping my tummy for the first 40 days all day after my C-section. I'm not very active, and I have been slightly overweight when I was in high school and college. My tummy looks better now than it ever has. No more "pooch." It sounds impossible, but it CAN be done, and if I can do it, so can many women. Bodies are incredible and you are underestimating them entirely. If a vagina can go back to normal size, if not better naturally, so can a belly. It's not always about tummy tucks and surgery.

bariatric surgery said...

Hey, you used to have a blog post with an incredible before/after of Jolie with her freakishly huge bottom lip when she was a kid. It showed that she's got lip reduction surgery. Did they make you remove that? Could you please post it again or give a link? I can't find it.

Karina from Australia said...

It is hard to comment, She is a celebrity and makes a living from her body. I do believe that it is hard for us women to go an rush for cosmetic surgery after giving birth. We have to wait and do some exercise to get back and understand that our body went through dramatic changes.