Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Vivite Skin Brightener As Good As Hydroquinone?

Okay, we are intrigued by this expensive, little 1 0z. cream at $119. And now everyone's talking about it.

It's called Vivite Vibrance Therapy by Allergan. Yes, the same folks who brought you that phenomenal stuff called, Botox.

At $119 for a small amount, we know you want to walk away. But just consider this:

Some dermatologists claim that Vivite Vibrance Therapy is just as good as prescription form hydroquinone for skin brightening or pigment lightening. And this one, can be bought over the counter. We love these advances in skin care!

We've talked to women who are afraid to continue wearing hydroquinone for fear that it can be harmful to the body and possibly cause cancer. But we've all been told that the 4% prescription was actually the most effective skin lightener around, until now.

Ladies, if you have dark spots like melasma and sun spots you want to get rid of, you ought to give Vivite Vibrance Therapy a chance. Controlled clinical studies have been done on the new Allergan skin brightener, and the news looks good. The cream delivers, and with a safer, active ingredient called, methyl dihydroxybenzoate. The magical compound fades discoloration by halting the nasty enzyme that produces excess pigment.

Vivite Vibrance Therapy also contains a number of anti-oxidants like grape and soy extracts. And also effective, anti-aging ingredients like green tea, licorice extract, glycolic acid and retinol. It's a bright yellow cream. But don't worry, it's easy to rub onto your skin, and the bright color disappears quickly, along with the somewhat 'sour' odor.

You can purchase Vivite Vibrance Therapy at online stores, And yes, you can even find it on Ebay.


Anonymous said...

Thank u so much for introducing your readers to this product. I have lots of sun damage and uneven pigment. I'm excited to try this since you don't need a prescription.

Great website, J.!!

Anonymous said...

You are so welcome, Sandy!
The science is getting better and better each year, when it comes to anti-aging. And if you can get a powerful and safe treatment that doesn't require a prescription, then why not give it a shot!
Best of luck to you. I hope it balances out your pigment!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I work for a skincare company that makes the NeoStrata, Exuviance, CoverBlend and NeoCeuticals brands; you make have seen us at Ulta, or online at, etc. If you are interested in trying some products, feel free to contact me and I'll coordinate getting a package out to you.

Also, we have a Skin Brightening Gel that is HQ free and works extremely well!

Anonymous said...

This does sound like a great product. I too am scared of hydroquinon so this will be a nice alternative.