Saturday, October 4, 2008

Best New Hair Cosmetic By Celeb Stylist Ken Paves

Jessica Simpson seems to spend overtime with this man. Really.

Who could blame her? The blonde, now country singing sensation, who has a great mane of hair, by the way, is nothing without his skilled hands. We're talking about hair guru Ken Paves, celebrity stylist.

And lately, there's been a lot of beauty buzz about Ken's newest beauty treatment for the hair. It's got a long-ggg title, but it's worth it:
Ken Paves Healthy Hair Boost Up Color Drops ($39.95, You get a .96 fl. oz. bottle. No, not a huge amount.

These precious color drops can be mixed with any conditioner or styling product to instantly warm up, darken, or brighten up your hair. And there are 6 lovely shades. If you desire to be a sexy Julianne Moore redhead, well, go ahead:


And when you get tired of being a hot, blonde Jessica Simpson, just shampoo your hair, and the color drops are gone. You are back to your regular hair shade. How cool a product is that?!!! Plus, it's chalk full of good ingredients for your locks. Makes your strands healthier, softer, and shinier.

As hair god Ken Paves calls these color drops, "It's like cosmetics for your hair. It allows you to try a different look without having to make a big commitment."

So ladies, live your hair color dream for today, or any other day. Boost it up with color drops.


Anonymous said...

rorffciMy red hair is fading fast. I'm gonna buy me some of this stuff and see if it punches up the color. But its way expensive, that's the only bad thing. thanx for the beauty tip!

amy lynn said...

Does anyone know if this product will help with dark roots in between salon visits? That would be great!

amy lynn said...

To lighten dark roots, I forgot to say! Or will it just darken light hair? I saw him briefly on HSN and it looked like he had taken a blonde hair extension and coloured it red, but i'm not sure if it will help my sad dark roots be lighter :)