Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mia Hamm And Athletes Wear Mission Product Skin Care

Let's make this clear:
You don't have to be a super athlete like soccer legend Mia Hamm to wear Mission Product.

We stumbled across this exciting company recently, and decided it was time more people heard about Mission Product....Athlete Engineered Skin Care.

X-Games Gold medalists Gretchen Bleiler and Ryan Sheckler joined forces and developed Mission Product...skin care treatments designed by and for athletes.

These skin care items are effective, sweat-proof, and water-proof for the active woman and man on the go.

Mia Hamm loves the Mission Product Daily Offense Stick (Sun Stick) with an SPF 30($9.99, www.missionproduct.com, and sports stores).

This compact Sun Stick is perfect for your nose, cheeks, ears, lips, and neck. Just rub it in all over your face and go!

"SPF 30 offers broad long lasting protection from damaging UVA/UVB rays.
Nourishing oils, butters and Vitamin E moisturize, condition, heal your skin.
Dries quickly upon application, non-greasy, non-sticky, won’t sting your eyes and works perfectly with any skin type.
Pop it in your jersey pocket, seat bag or hydration pack for easy transport.
Preservative and paraben free ."

Mission Product also carries in its skin care line, these excellent treatments to battle the elements and soothe active skin:

After-Sun Revive Gel
Anti-Friction Cream
Foot Synergy Gel
Lip Protector SPF 20

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