Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Best New Ways To Fight Shiny, Oily Skin

We seem to mention oily skin often at this website. Some of us here, suffer from the constant shine. It might not seem like a big deal to our drier skinned sisters, but trust us, a shiny, oily face is a frustrating 24/7 problem.

But because we are proud owners of a beauty website, we are on the prowl, trying to hunt down the best solutions to every day beauty dilemmas many of you face. And now we have found 2 new products to control facial shine.

Both beauty treatments cost around $40 each.

You don't need a prescription with either oil control product. And both claim to:

Reduce shine for up to 8 hours.
Control sebum production.
Give you a more even and smooth complexion.
Retain the skin's natural moisture.

One is a gel. The other is a lotion. And even the two tubes of oil control magic almost look alike, in shades of blue.

OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel by Biopelle ($40, 1.6 oz.,, and other online beauty stores). "A little dab will do ya," as the saying goes. Just smooth the gel over your face before applying makeup. Oil becomes trapped, leaving behind a more flawless complexion.

"OC Eight represents a new level of shine control. Products like powders and blotting papers may only provide temporary shine control and astringents may irritate sensitive skin. OC Eight works mechanically to invisibly hold oil off of your face throughout the day, without causing irritation."

Hit show American Idol even uses the product on the American Idol contestants. Makeup artist Mezhgan applies the mattifying gel to the singing contestants, and is amazed at its oil control uniqueness and how smooth their complexions look on film.

"OC Eight works like nothing I've tried before!"

Medit-Matte by Cosmedicine ($42, 1.35 fl. oz., This oil control lotion has an SPF 20. And it, too, is a mattifying treatment. And the company has the clinical data to prove it:

"92%, 88.5%, 96%. In clinical studies, women who tried individual Cosmedicine products strongly agreed: their skin was firmer, softer, better hydrated, more radiant and revitalized. They saw reductions in lines and wrinkles and improvements in skin discolorations. And in most instances, 3 out of 4 panelists said they would recommend Cosmedicine to a friend. Many skincare companies would be satisfied with results like that. But not us.

We are much more impressed by numbers like these: 32%, 41% and 22%. Why? Because those numbers represent the true statistical changes that objective science measured on skin. The numbers may appear low compared to traditional beauty results -- but they reflect a very high (and new) standard.

Sensory tests, which are the cosmetic industry standard, tell you only what improvements women "saw", "felt" or "reported", those results are called subjective opinions. Cosmedicine claims are based on objective, measurable results - which means that you can count on them to see a real, measurable change in your skin."

These 2 breakthrough oil control beauty treatments are worth trying. They cost quite a bit more than most mattifying products, but because of their unique oil-fighting formulas, this just might be the answer to a smoother, non-shiny, non-oily complexion.

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