Friday, July 17, 2009

5 Beach Bag Beauty Items To Toss In And Go

It's summertime and it's hard to completely avoid the strong, harmful rays of the sun. So we are not going to preach about limiting your play time. Beach and summer go hand-in-hand. So we've put together a small list of 5 beach bag beauty items to toss in and go!!!!!

1. Let's protect our precious and delicate lips. We found an unique medicated lip balm called Aloe Gator. It includes an SPF30. Paba-free and flavored in yummy Pina Colada. And only $1.99, This little balm glides on smoothly and is the 'ultimate defense for lips against sun, wind, and cold.'

2. One of our faves forever: Bazooka Bubble Gum. Classic and fun, delicious to chew. Get a box cheap....only for a dollar at the Dollar Tree store. Chewing gum actually burns calories, and it's better than chomping down on a calorie-laden snack.

3. We discovered this wonderful and smart beachtime must-have last year. It's called Surfer's Secrets. It's quite simply, a sand eliminator. A 6 oz. bottle, just $7, Made from natural stuff like grapeseed oil and aloe vera. It removes the sand sticking to your skin. Just squeeze out a dollop, about the size of a quarter and wipe away. Great for the whole family. No more sand in the bikini or all over your feet.

4. John Frieda's very popular Frizz-Ease, $7, drugstores. This tube is full of silky softness. If you've spent a day at the beach, then your dry locks will love you for smoothing on some of this hair TLC. Get rid of the nasty frizzies. This product is tried and true. Not greasy. Light and marvelous. If you have a curly perm, your hair will drink this up.

5. How about a sultry solid perfume by k hall designs. Egyptian Jasmine pictured here. On sale for $19.50. Made with absolute jasmine oil. Beautifully gift boxed and made with a blend of beeswax, jojoba oil, essential and/or fragrance oils, and vitamin E. This compact perfume travels well and is loaded with scent. A super idea after you get off the beach and want to embrace an intoxicating scent. And these solid perfumes come in a lovely variety:
Orange Amber. Fig. Peony. Sandlewood. Etc. Find them here at
These 5 beach bag beauty items and a great book are all you need for a day in the sun!


bree2 said...

Luv the surfers secret sand thing. Great concept. I had never even heard of it. I will try this.

Anonymous said...

we like frizz-ease alot, because we both have curly, unmanageable hair!!!!