Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Luster: One Hour At-Home Tooth Whitening System

Who doesn't want a whiter, brighter smile?

And who wants to mess with goopy gels and trays, over and over again?

Not us. We have found a new at-home tooth whitening system called Luster. And for $39.99, you can effectively whiten your teeth up to 6 shades lighter. All in just one hour.

We haven't tried this yet, because we happened to get Zoom whitening treatments in the dentist's chair last fall. And we are happy with our current smile.

But if we could go another 6 shades lighter, we would try Luster, because it's developed from the same Zoom concept of a light-activated whitening system.

Here's how the simple 3-step Luster kit works:

1. Use accelerator mouth rinse for 10 seconds.
2. Brush on super whitening gel.
3. Shine super whitening light on teeth.
After 2 minutes the light automatically shuts off. Repeat process until desired whitening results, up to 20 times. Some people are done in 30 minutes, others use the full hour.

Luster 1 Hour White, Tooth Whitening Light System also promises zero sensitivity. And trust us, that is a key factor for many people who want to whiten and brighten their smiles. No one likes extreme pain in their mouths.

This tooth whitening kit works, because it involves light activation technology. Here's what the website says:

Luster's patented whitening light speeds up the process. It’s just like what’s used at dentist offices, but is safe enough for home use.

On average, Luster 1-Hour White gets teeth 5 shades lighter, though many people see their smiles whiten up by 6 shades. That’s like turning the clock back years, even decades.

You can buy Luster at your local drugstore, and at And there's a $5 off coupon code to enter at check-out online.

If you really don't want to get professional whitening from the dentist, but would like something stronger than dental whitening strips or whitening gels, why not give this one a try?

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leeleelei said...

OMG! Thanku JTania. This sounds better than the strips & gels. I wd try this cuz I dont want to spend hundreds at the dentist for whitening.