Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bothered By Tiny Broken Blood Vessels? There's A Laser For That


It's a cosmetic treatment that can do tons of beautiful things for your face and body. A laser can boost one's self-esteem with a zap here and a zap there. And after 3 sessions, POOF! They're gone!

Today, we are looking at the vascular laser and how it can zap away bothersome broken capillaries, red spots, and even port wine stains.

Maybe you have a few tiny, broken blood vessels. In all honesty, we have enough to spare. Most upsetting to us, are a few around our cheeks/nose area. By faithfully applying Retin-A to our skin, we have noticed a 'calming down' and softening of these reddish lines on the left side of our face. But on the right side, the broken vessels are more prominent.

We have not submitted our complexion up to a vascular laser yet, but we are considering the procedure, and here, we can learn together.

A vascular laser is a pulse-dye laser that zeroes in on the redness of the skin, vaporizing the tiny broken blood vessels and the red pigmentation.

Vascular laser treatment is a little investment, but a sound one, we think. The cost will vary with the degree of redness, and the location, and depth of the vessels being treated.

The average price of treatment however, could be summed up as follows:

1. One red spot---$150.
2. Nostrils area---$300.
3. Full face---$600

So, more importantly, does a vascular laser treatment hurt?

Dermatologists will tell you that most patients feel a stinging sensation, like a rubber band snap,while the pulse of energy is being delivered through the handpiece. But the discomfort isn't anything you couldn't stand. A little Tylenol following the laser treatment, and you're good to go.

How quickly to see results?

About 2-3 weeks AFTER your last treatment.

Lasers are everywhere, when it comes to rejuvenating the skin. The procedures are less invasive than undergoing surgery, and the results can be quite amazing. And even though a few red spots don't sound like the end-of-the-world to most people, it's nice to know that the beauty technology has come a long way.

Lasers are here to stay, and offer a kinder, gentler approach to slow down the aging process.

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