Friday, February 24, 2012

Liz Taylor Eyebrows And Cleopatra Eyes Hot 2012 Beauty Trend

Bold and beautiful.

That's Liz Taylor---full eyebrows and cleopatra eyes---a super glam beauty trend we're seeing leap off the runways(top photo) and filter down into Hollywood and beyond.

Many years ago, the actress played the part of the Egyptian Queen in the historical 1963 epic, Cleopatra. Of course, the incredible makeup was all the buzz. And funny, how beauty and fashion repeat themselves often, in our lifetimes.

Let's be honest, if you don't already have full brows, it's crazy to try and design a Liz Taylor pair, unless of course, you have a great makeup artist at your disposal. You can just do so much with a brow pencil and brow fixative, etc. But the key here, is to lay down the tweezers and stop the waxing appointments to allow your eyebrows to reach their fullest, most natural potential.

Take a look at Liz Taylor as Cleoptra. Her beauty is really breath-taking. It hurts to look at her, she's so beautiful.

And actress Poorna Jagannathan of Delhi Belly showed off her modern-day Cleoptra eyes at the Filmfare Awards. Meow!

Cleopatra eyes involve a very edgy cat-eye. The winged liner keeps going until the end of the brow. Now, that is a bit much for everyday wear, but you can create Cleoptra eyes in a more subtle manner. We like how Kim Kardashian looked on her wedding day.

Her makeup man, Mario Dedivanovic, did an incredible job transforming the dark-haired beauty into a Cleopatra-esque bride. And he used a very inexpensive product:

"I lined her eyes (top lid only) using Cover Girl Line Exact Liquid Liner in Very Black," Mario says. "Start out with a thin line at the inner corner and gradually thicken the line as you go towards the outer corners. Wing the liner up and out."

Amazing! Kim K's cat-eye signature look always comes out perfect and polished, and we can't believe that one could get the same, high glam effect, using a $5.59 drugstore find, but there's the proof.

We like the concept of the CG Line Exact Liquid Liner because it is similar to a sharp-pointed felt pen and glides over the eyelid smoothly.

It will interesting to see which glamorous star is sporting full Liz Taylor brows and Cleopatra eyes at Sunday evening's Academy Awards 2012!

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