Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For An Extreme Color Change--Please Go To A Pro

Like a lot of young women in Hollywood, Demi Lovato is a hair chameleon. And at the moment, she's in a blonde shade of mind.

She was a bold redhead up until last Saturday. And following an 11 hour salon visit, the talented singer emerged with lighter locks.

Demi Lovato is a pretty girl, and she looks cute as a blonde, redhead, and even best, with her natural dark brown color.

Our advice....Whenever making a drastic hair color change like Demi's, please head to a pro, because so many things can go wrong trying to change it up yourself.

And what ate up the clock during Demi's hair dyeing adventure, were her extensions. Those super long locks got a color bath, too.

With human hair extensions, you can curl them with heat, flat-iron them, and even chemically-treat these real, fake tresses with hair color, bleach, and perms.

With synthetic hair extensions, you are more limited in what you can do, however, when it comes to bad weather like rain and high humidity, the synthetic extensions hold up better. These strands have memory. Human hair extensions will droop like real hair in the bad weather.

Meantime, Demi Lovato is having lots of fun being newly blonde:

"Thank you SO much Nine Zero One salon for my new locks," she wrote, after spending all those hours at the salon with colorist Amber Maynard. Fans must’ve liked the red-to-blonde look, because later that day, Demi tweeted back, "Haha Demi Blondevato is a trending topic?!! Y’all are funny!"

Which Demi Lovato hair color do you prefer?

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