Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Check These Out To Stop Curling And Other Hot Iron Burns

This is both cute and smart!

But let us first ask:

Have you ever burned yourself with a curling iron or other hot iron styling tool?"

We once practically burned a small hole through our forehead after getting clumsy with a curling iron. And that hurt so much.

Well, we're happy to see that some brilliant beauty creators are busy looking out for each and every one of us. Say hello to Glam Ears ($12 for 2, at

Don't laugh. If you've ever singed your ears from an accidental swipe with a hot iron styling tool, well, you know the sheer pain that quickly results. And when you're playing with hot rollers, flat irons, and curling irons, these styling gadgets can heat up to an excess of 400 degrees.

What we adore about Glam Ears is its simplicity and protection. These adorable silicone ear covers can do all this while you pretty-up your hair:

• Reusable - easy to put on and remove
• Heat resistant to 450 degrees
• Made of silicone; safe, non-toxic to skin
• So comfortable, you will forget you have them on
• Washable with soap and water; air dry
• Safely shields ears from the harsh dyes of hair color. Hair color may stain GlamEars , but does not affect the integrity of the product.
• One size fits most

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