Friday, February 3, 2012

New Master Precise Ink Pen Draws On Best Cat Eye

Meow if you like cat-eyes!

EyeStudio by Maybelline is calling their brand new Master Precise Ink Pen the 'Next Generation of Liquid Liner.' And we believe them.

Once again, the makeup experts have designed an eyeliner in the easy-to-handle shape of a felt tip pen. But the beauty of the Master Precise Ink Pen is in its uber skinny point. We're talking about an 'ultra-tin 0.4mm brush.'

The felt-tip reminds us of pen & ink used for artwork. So fine-pointed for accuracy.

With a point so thin, you need not worry about messing up too much. You won't get an excess of liquid liner leaking out and fudging up your smooth even lines around the delicate eye area.

Look, we can't live without eyeliner. And trust us, over the years, we have tried most of them, except for cake liner. And applying liquid liner is one of the darn trickiest makeup routines to do, day in and day out. Plus, if you want to wing the liner upward and outward into a sexy, glam cat eye, you've got to have precision and a steady hand. And this new EyeStudio liquid liner felt tip pen makes the application process much easier.

And Maybelline is also raving about the 'super-saturated ink pigments' in their new Master Precise pens. In other words, the fine, felt tip doesn't dry out or skip a beat.

We found the liner at ULTA for $7.99, and so far, the product has received a 4 out of 5 star rating.

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