Monday, July 23, 2012

Facelift Bungee: Temporary Way To Look 10 Years Younger?

Okay, we didn't see this one coming. But we are fascinated, to say the least.

We're not going to diss Facelift Bungee, because the temporary, do it-yourself facelift at just $24.99, has quite a lot of fans, but really now!

We saw a segment on GMA this morning. And we were speechless with all the steps involved to 'attach' this youthful apparatus by braiding 2 small, tight plaits above your ears. Then you take the little bungee cord and wrap it around the back of the head and hide it under the hair, to the braids with 2 small combs.

Ladies, wouldn't it be a bit simpler to either have a mini facelift done, or to go in for some cosmetic filler to lift and add volume to an aging face?

Sure, any cosmetic surgery or non-invasive treatments are not cheap, but certainly worth the investment.

A woman named Kimberly Aschauer invented the Facelift Bungee, and there's no doubt, she's one smart cookie, as they say. And the BEFORE and AFTER photos look pretty convincing.

So, is the Facelift Bungee okay to use daily?

According to the website, yes:
"Facelift Bungee has medical data proving no hair loss or headaches have occurred."

Check out the Bungee Facelift here on YouTube.

If we can add our own 2 cents, beauty science has made some incredible advances and developed some super surgical techniques and intelligent ways to fill a face, or erase aging sun damage, and so on.

What do you think?

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