Sunday, July 29, 2012

Simple As 1-2-3: Easy-Lites For Great Summer Highlights

If you have light locks and want to go lighter or blonder, have we got an at-home D.I.Y. product!

We have friends who pay lots of money to have highlights put in a few times a year. And most of them complain about the high cost.

Salon pro Marc Anthony has a wonderful highlighting kit you use along with your flat iron. It's called Marc Anthony Easy-Lites Highlighting Spray ($8.99, at ULTA). And BUY 1 Get 1 50% OFF, right now!

Do you desire sexy sun-kissed summer highlights?

This Easy-Lites Do-It-Yourself kit is a super 2-step process, but if you have dark hair, it might not lighten to the degree you would wish for.

This reminds us of the classic, cult fave, Sun-In. But with Easy-Lites, you see immediate results.

Since these are permanent highlights, that means that there is peroxide or bleach inovled. Please make sure your hair is healthy and free of directions ona box of Easy Lites:

"Be sure to read full product instructions carefully before use. STEP 1: On clean dry hair, select a section of hair to be highlighted and spray from root to end. STEP 2: Pass a flat iron over the section 5 - 7 times and watch the highlights appear. Read full product instructions for allover lightening directions."

Watch the excellent YouTube demo by the master, himself, Marc Anthony here.

Our locks are too dark to get a dramatic change, we think, but if your hair is lighter than Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, you could try this.


Mistee said...

My best freind tried this a month ago.Works!Only problem-can damag your hair--drys it out.Make sure hair is healhty.

Dee and D. said...

Me and my sister tried this and it works! Gorg blonde highlites!!!LUV this!