Thursday, July 19, 2012

J & J Baby Oil Body Wash Ain't Just For Babies!

It is just us, or do baby beauty products have lovely scents and wonderful moisturizing properties?

Don't laugh, but we adore baby beauty products, because we know they are made with extra tender loving care and are designed to be protective to our little ones' bottoms, faces and overall skin.

We happen to love Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil Body Wash ($4.09, at Target).

Frankly, it just smells clean and fresh with a hint of baby oil. And talk about hydrating. It leaves our skin as soft as a baby's behind....well, almost.

We have spent a boatload of money on all kinds of body washes for the shower/and/or/bath, and some have been quite expensive, without really providing much moisture or even lather.

Johnson& Johnson Baby Oil Body Wash has a nice, creamy texture and is very gentle to the skin. And it comes in a 13.2 oz. bottle, so you're getting a good amount for the price.

We also like J & J's Baby Cream ($.29, at drugstores). It's perfect for using AFTER the bath.

Have you ever dipped into the baby beauty products?

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