Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mama Sharon And Kelly Osbourne Love This Spa Exfoliating Scrub

Mama Osbourne and Kelly seem to be addicted to this wonderful spa scrub, that you can now find at your local Target store.

It's called Champney's Exotic Retreat Body Glow ($11.99, at Target, but not at Target online).

The co-host of Fashion Police told People magazine about this luxurious spa scrub:

"In England, Champneys is where the rich and famous go for a spa weekend. Whenever my mom used to go, I would steal all of her products from her. I love this exfoliator; it literally makes you feel like you're rubbing yourself in gold," Kelly says.

We think the $11.99 price for a little jar of Champney's Exotic Retreat Body Glow is decent, because you are getting 7 oz..

And both Mama Sharon and Kelly appear to have nice peaches and cream skin, so we would try this beauty product next time we're hanging out at Target.

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