Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Going Bananas Over OPI's Black Spotted Polish!!

You CANNOT get this in stores here in the United States, BUT you CAN get a bottle on Ebay, if you willing to shell out big bucks for the summer's hottest mani around:

OPI Black Spotted ($ 8.50, but ONLY available in France through Sephora stores as part of a limited-edition Spiderman collection).

A small bottle of Black Spotted sold on Ebay for $51, plus $20 shipping from France, for a whopping total of $71!!

We have to admit, there is something quite exotic about the French exclusive, Black Spotted.

So, how do you paint on this newest nail trend?

It's simple. "Apply a thin coat over completly dry lacquer. Finish with top coat."

Some fans say the unique nail polish looks like oil on water when it is dry. There's something almost surreal-like about Black Spotted.

What do you think, Ladies?

Would you do a mani or pedi with this hot summer nail trend?

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