Friday, July 6, 2012

Kim K Dressing Down And Demure For Kanye: Makeover Or Not?!

Is it us, or has Kim Kardashian removed her super-long hair extensions, heavy eyeliner, false lashes, cleavage, mini dresses, flashy jewelry, and all that, for her reported steady beau, Kanye?

Is this a makeover in more ways than one for the sexy reality star?

Ever since Kim K's ill-fated nuptials to Kris Humphries last August lasted a mere 72 days, the most famous Kardashian of them all, has been trying hard to win back the public's trust and admiration, and what better way to make a comeback, than with a famous new boyfriend, a classy, sophisticated new appearance, and new well-respected Hollywood pals to be seen with like JayZ and Beyonce.

Just look at the photos. The first 3 show the reality star in white, with Kanye in conservative pants ensemble, and another white, tight, but actually polished piece.

The photo with Reggie Bush, a former beau, shows Kim in a glam, low-cut mini, and the bottom photo shows the celebrity with former husband Kris Humphries in a playful, sexy mini dress, along with hair extensions and makeup to the nines.

What do you think? Is this Kanye's influence over Kim? Well, he is a fashion designer in his own right. Or is this Kim's publicist's doing?

Kim Kardashian looks so sad these days in recent photos. Some tabloids have even gone so far to say she looks different, as if the supposed filler in her cheeks has been delated. Her eye makeup is barely there. Her hair is pulled back pompadour-style away from her face.

Do you like Kim K's new makeover?

Or, do you miss, sexy, glam Kim K


Anonymous said...

WE want SEXY KIM K back!!!
Kanye is ruining your look, girl!

DoceCorali said...

We need sexy Kim K again, please!! What is Kanye doing to her? First, he offered that terrible Balmain velved black boots that she use like it was the most beautiful shoes in the world!! He changed her style complettly!! She looks sad and unhappy.

DoceCorali said...

Kim needs to open her eyes and realize that she can´t change her style and personality for ANY guy in the world!

Anonymous said...

I agree.Kanye doesn't know how to dress MissKim in the right way.She looks very unhappy.What's up with Kim???!!

Anonymous said...

look bettr with Reggie!