Wednesday, July 18, 2012

These Are The Only 3 Nail Polishes You Need Say The Pros

If you want to take the guess-work out of the perfect, classic nail polishes to own, we will do it for you.

Okay we didn't come up with these selections, but 3 pros have spoken to People Magazine's Beauty Watch 2012. And here are the 3 Best Nail Polishes to have in your repertoire:

1. Chanel Vamp. ($26, currently OUT of STOCK at, but we found some on Ebay for $40.99).
2. OPI Big Apple Red. ($8.50. We found a bottle for $8 at
3. Essie Ballet Slippers
. ($8, we found it for $7.75 at Walmart).

Would you agree?

This is what 3 Celebrity manicurists told People magazine:

April Foreman. "It (Vamp) adds an instant sexy factor to any look."

Alicia Torello. "Big Apple Red is a crisp, clean red that works with every skin tone."

Dawn Sterling. "Like a black shoe or LBD, Ballet Slippers is a simple, chic classic."

Do you own all 3 nail polishes? What do you think of this little list of must-haves

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Anonymous said...

I'm happy+proud to say I own all 3shades!