Monday, July 16, 2012

How To Keep Beach Blonde Hair In Tip-Top Summer Shape

There's something about beach blonde hair in the summertime. It looks so gorgeous. Our mane is dark brown, so we can't help but feel a little blonde envy in those hot days of July and August.

But when your locks are lighter, you pay for it in the end, because the hair is more easily damaged. And when you're exposing your beautiful blonde head to the sun, heat, salt water, chlorine, and even the wild, balmy breezes, the hair dry-out begins.

That's why beach blonde hair needs some extra TLC during summer. Your mane is thirsty and you need to bring back the smooth, silky texture and bounce.

Here's a quick beauty tip AFTER you get out of the water from colorist-to-the-stars, Beth Minardi:

"Drench your hair in club soda the moment you get out of the ocean or pool. This helps rinse away any salt or chlorine build-up, which can damage your hair when left to dry in the sun," Beth explains. It makes a huge difference."

That's a super tip, Beth!

You can also add this Dove number to your hair health arsenal:

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Anti-Frizz Serum ($6.99, at Walgreens).

Yes, it's made with oil---argan and almond. It's an effective, lightweight formula that you apply to the hair only. Don't rub onto the scalp. You only need a tiny amount to smooth away frizz and dryness. And watch that shine and healthiness come right back!