Friday, November 30, 2012

La Bedouine: Brand New Botanical Skin Care Line Takes Off

There's an incredible, exotic story as to how Judith Reitman, the founder and president  of La Bedouine, came to launch her new botancial skin care company.

The journalist and author had traveled to France to write about life there. Along the way, she met her husband-to-be in a quaint, little village bakery, got married, and began a wonderful new life in Provence. It's when Judith Reitman received a bottle of Argan oil as a wedding present and journeyed into Morocco to look for more of this ancient, precious, hydrating beauty oil, that she discovered her true calling.

Judith learned all about the closely-knit social culture of the Berber women and the generations-old process of making authentic Argan oil. And she proudly launched La Bedouine earlier this November as an all-women-run enterprise.

We were lucky to try out 3 sophisticated + effective + anti-aging skin care products from the new line!

1. Mousse d'Argan Facial Wash ($42, 2 oz., at La Bedouine). A terrific lathering gel made by pulverized organic Argan nuts. Leaves complexion smooth, clean, and radiant. Won't strip delicate skin.
2. La Bedouine 100% Organic Argan Oil Night Serum ($28, at La Bedouine). Simply pure, organic, and made in small batches by Berber families in far away Morocco. An exquisite formula with superb moisturizing properties and tons of vitamin E. This is the BEST Argan oil around!
3. La Bedouine Berberian Rouge ($36, compact + lip stain, at La Bedouine). A 100% botanical lip stain that comes in an adorable handmade wood compact. Berber brides
use this traditional pretty stain on their wedding day. Made with exotic cedar root, red corn poppies, and ground pomegranate bark.
The La Bedouine skin care line is a real beauty. Any products from this new collection would make for lovely holiday gifts.

For more information, visit La Bedouine. And BeautyTipToday readers can receive 15% off their 1st order, Just enter the coupon code BEAUTY to get in on this great promotion!


Judith Reitman said...

Thank you for a fabulous review of La Bedouine. Argan Oil was meant to be churned by hand, using a stone quern, not factory processed as most Argan Oil is today. Our quality reflects the authenticity of our oil, and the work of the Berber families who make it for us! Wait until you try the Creme d'Argan moisturizer which is being bottled this week!

bella11 said...

I believe in the benefits of Aran oil and this new skincare line sounds fab! I will try La Bedouine!
Thanks for the information.

Anonymous said...

SO glad you have given La Bedouine the praise the products deserve. I am a fan of all of them having been so happy with not only the results of using them, but also knowing that they help support the women in Morroco who make magic with the argan oil to bring it to us.

MT said...

La Bedouine has the best Argan oil. You are so right in your assessment. I, too, support the pride and skill of the Moroccan women who work magic into their ancient Argan oil. I am on my second bottle!

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