Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stocking Stuffer Beauty Cream That Promises 8 Skin Miracles

Okay, we get a little uncomfortable when beauty products promise to remove wrinkles, permanently firm up the face, fade irregular skin tone perfectly, and so on. You get the drill.

We're still going to talk about Bremenn Labs' Miracle Cream (for the face) ($49 for 1.3 fl. oz., at bremmenlabs. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed label, or you get your money back.

So, that is fair.

Bremenn's Miracle Cream performs 8 Beauty Rescues:
1. as a wrinkle cream.
2. as a firming cream.
3. as a moisturizing cream.
4. as a neck cream.
5. as an eye cream.
6 as an anti-aging cream.
7. as an day cream.
8. as a night cream.

Yeah, right, you sneer?

According to Bremenn Labs, their Miracle Cream contains a winning combo of effective ingredients that claim to increase skin elasticity and firmness, fade discoloration, brighten and smooth the complexion, etc. The formula includes: peptides, unicellular algae, red seaweed and a few other intersting things.

There you have it. This skin cream is worth a try, especially if you find it as a Christmas stocking stuffer!

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Anonymous said...

This BremmenLabs cream is BULL*!
I spent my money on this expensive cream and got ZERO results. There, there's your miracle.
Dpn't waste your$$$ girls!

Sign me-
pissed off buyer