Monday, April 6, 2009

Canned Tuna Still Heathy Yummy Way To Lose Weight

Tuna fish in a can. It's really a dieter's dream.

You're getting a lot of good from a 5 oz. can of tuna packed in water:

Low in calories--only about 120, 4 oz.
Naturally high in protein
Naturally 98% fat free

Yummy, filling meal
Full of excellent Omega-3s

Healthy for your heart

And if you were hesitant about buying canned fish like tuna or salmon, worry no more. We did a little research and found the facts at The website has made our job easy. Check out their results, and lose weight the healthy way:

"Here is a quick guide to some of the more common canned fish you’ll find in your local grocery store:

Tuna is considered a good source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and other important minerals and nutrients but because of increased mercury levels recommendations suggest less than 3 meals a month. White tuna packed in water holds the highest levels of Omega-3’s and Albacore tuna caught in the US and Canada are your Eco best because their catching techniques yield almost no bycatch. (other sea creatures)

Salmon is a much better choice over tuna if you like the taste. It’s got similar health benefits without the risks of other contaminants. Also, canned Pink or Sockeye salmon is caught in Alaska with environmentally friendly gear.

Mussels & Oysters. These beauties have tons of Omega-3 fatty acids and low contaminants plus they’re farmed using hanging ropes which doesn’t affect local habitats at all. If you’ve never had smoked oysters or mussels you’re missing out. Grab yourself some of your favorite crackers and cheese plus a little seafood sauce and you’ve got a great little appetizer. (Cracker, cheese, mussel or oyster, seafood sauce on top YUM)

That’s the basics but check out the Environmental Defense Fund’s site to see the ratings of any ocean fish you may be interested in. They include an Eco rating plus nutritional guide and recipes."

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