Saturday, April 11, 2009

D The Sunshine Vitamin Basking In Good Headlines

We know some people who pop tons of vitamins, and others who don't take a single supplement. But getting your "D" on, could be a very smart thing for both women and men.

There's been plenty of good buzz about the sunshine vitamin, D, in the headlines for several months now. And lots of benefits, so we hear---keeps breast cancer away, boosts bone strength, protects against multiple sclerosis, and even wards off the flu.

The best place to receive your dosage of vitamin D, is to soak up the sun's rays. But the experts say that most of us are still sun-deprived, especially in the fall through winter months. In addition, many of us are afraid of too much sun these days, because of possibly developing skin cancer.

And did you know that just by applying a sunscreen with an SPF of 8, alone, is enough to scare away vitamin D's production. And if you slap on an SPF of 50, the vitamin's production is stopped entirely.

So how do you get your "D" on, then?!

You can try eating D-rich foods, like salmon, tuna, sardines, eggs, cereal, and milk.

But doctors say that still doesn't give you enough of the D. You should also take a supplement.

As of this writing, doctors recommend a safe level---between 1,000 and 2,000 I.U.'s of D3 a day, for adults.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! Didn't know putting on sunscreen zaps away the VitaminD u cd be getting. U cant win.