Friday, April 10, 2009

Foot Docs Say These UGGS Aren't Made For Walking

Just about everyone we know walks around in a pair. But considering the weather is warming up, isn't it time to take off the UGGS boots already?

Some foot doctors are warning women to stay away from UGGS altogether, or to limit their time in them.

Let's be honest. We know women who love wearing their UGGS all year round. These boots are so-oooo comfy. Even the knock-off pairs.

But podiatrists like Edward Chairman of Philadelphia, says these UGGS aren't made for walking all the time. Apparently, the boots are not good for the arches of your feet. That's what the foot doc told

"After a few hours, they start feeling tired, their feet are tired, they're aching and they don't know why. The reason it's aching is because there is zero support in the arch area," says Dr. Chairman.

UGGS Australia finds the report a bit ridiculous and stated, that the company has been in business for some 30 years now, and has never once received a complaint about arch support or comfort.

So what's an UGGS lover to do??

"I think they're wonderful. You should wear them, but wear orthotics in them," Dr. Chairman says.

You can buy a pair of orthotics at your local drugstore. These are actually shoe inserts that help align the foot the proper way.

Or you can just ignore the podiatric buzz, and keep on walking around in your oh-so-comfy UGGS.

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